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I Remember
Cowboy Lullaby
Dik Guong
Surrounded by Circuitry
The Way You Look at Me
Lottery Train
What Goes Around
Rainin' Fives
The City That Works
My Blue Hour

The Cheese Stands Alone*

Livin' Velveeta Loca*
What Goes Around
Rain! The Musical
What Goes Around can be purchased at: cdbaby
*CD's are available through the artist only

Songwriting is one of the few things that I've maintained a lifelong interest in.
It's a provocative means for expressing my amazement and delight at the crazy business of "life on earth." And for this humble songwriter, sharing these tunes
is more fun than puddles on the way to school. You can access most of this discography real easy at cdbaby. Go ahead, make my a tune or two